Check website domain authority.

Enter any URL in the tool below to check domain authority based on backlink profile.

What is SiteAuthority?

Postbag's SiteAuthority is a metric that indicates authority of a website relative to the rest of sites on the world wide web.

How do you calculate SiteAuthority?

We analyze backlinks from over 500 million domains to build a backlink webgraph from which we extract SiteAuthority.

How does the metric look like?

SiteAuthority is a number between 0 and 100 with 0 meaning least and 100 being most authoritative.

Can I query a domain authority for free?

Yes, this is a free tool open for anyone to be used without charge. The only requirement is that the tool is being used by humans, not bots.

How can I improve my SiteAuthority?

The only way to improve your site's domain authority is to get more natural high quality backlinks. Do you want to get a personalized linking strategy for your website? Then sign up for Postbag Academy.

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