How to find lower-profile journalists, bloggers, and webmasters for backlinks.

Did you already reach out to influencers? Want to find backlink opportunities with relevant journalists and bloggers? If so, read on.

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Are lower-profile opportunities worth your time?

The short answer is yes. The long one - absolutely! Lower-profile backlink opportunities may show to be a real goldmine.

There are multiple reasons for this, and we are going to review a few of them here. When you better understand them, we will move to concrete steps on how to find them. So let's start.

The competition aspect: less is more.

If you were a significant influencer, you would be getting tons of requests for backlinks. And while you would certainly link to other websites sometimes, the backlink request and target content would probably have to be outstanding and complementary, correct?

Now, if you apply everything you learned so far in the Postbag backlinking guide, you would certainly be capable of standing out from the rest. However, when do you think you would have a greater chance of standing out? Would it be when you have heavy competition? Or, maybe, light competition?

backlink competition

That's right - it's always easier to be noticed when there's less competition. And that's why lower-profile backlink opportunities are so important. You will have less competition - plain and simple!

And this, my friend, directly translates to a lot bigger chances of getting a backlink!

The quality aspect: All that glitters is not gold.

But what happens about quality? Surely, these backlink opportunities are not as good as high-profile ones, are they? Well, they can be - by far and wide!

For example, what if a person owning the content was just starting in the specific domain area, but was already a member of a bigger publishing website that's sometimes active in your niche? Would that link still be as good as if it was posted by an influencer on that website?

Or, would you like to get a backlink from a very related topical website that's just starting, but has great content?

Alternatively, would you like to get a backlink from an awesome page related to your content, even if the author wasn't normally writing on that topic?

backlink value

Just remember to ask yourself the self-reflective question you learned in the previous tutorials: If the search engines didn't exist, would I still want my link there?

Or a slightly different, but even more effective variety: If I was a reader, would I find my link useful and complementary there?

If the answer is yes, go for it! Regardless of who owns the content - influencer or not!

The quantity aspect: Not losing quality over quantity.

There's a common paradigm that there's always a trade-off between quality and quantity. However, is that always the case?

link abundance

The previous subsection has shown you only several of many possible examples where lower-profile opportunities can be just as productive. However, the assumption is that there will always be more lower-profile than high-profile backlink opportunities.

It's because of this that you can expect to gain a lot more backlinks from high-quality pages which are owned by low-profile-niche-people. A lot more than you can expect from niche-influencers.

And that's why this part of your backlink strategy should not be left aside.

Exercise: Finding high-quality link opportunities from lower-profile people.

To find backlink opportunities from these people, you will need to have a Postbag outreach list built for your niche. You will not be able to use one of the previous lists you built as part of tutorials I've already sent your way.

You can easily open your FREE Postbag account here and build your outreach list as described here.

It is important that the list type is one of the following: Blogs, News, Resources, Guides, Tutorials, or Roundups.

When you open your interactive outreach list, you will see the "Blog/Web" and "News" sections. This is further illustrated in the image below.

Interactive list of journalists and bloggers for the phrase mortgage advice.

As the section names suggest, we source this data from the world wide web and many news outlets. It is the same data that we used for sourcing niche-influencers as well. However, unlike the Influencers section, these two contain lower-profile opportunities also. But only the ones that are relevant to your niche.

As you probably also noticed in the previous figure, these sections also include both the author-name and their contact information, which is extracted by Postbag contact matching AI. You can also visit the opportunity yourself to see whether you want to act on it or not.

If you do, you just need to click on the mail icon in the list, to contact every person you want directly. This is integrated so you can easily suggest your link, and explain how it would complement their content.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of free time, you can always build this list by manually surfing the web, building spreadsheets of link opportunities, and searching for contact information yourself. Using Postbag is optional if you want to save time.

The choice is yours but, to sum it up, today you learned how to easily find lower-profile, but just-as-good backlink opportunities that will be easier to convert. You also learned how to save time in the process, and let Postbag do it for you in minutes if you wish so. Congratulations on that!

And finally, what's interesting with this technique, is that you search for blog owners, website owners, and journalists yourself. But in the same way you search for them, journalists are always searching for people like you.

And normally, these journalists are even easier to persuade for their story to include your backlink. So here's food for thought before I send you the next piece in the series: How would you find journalists that are already looking for you?

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