How to find influencers that matter to your niche.

Do you have a great idea and related link-worthy content? Do you want to find influencers that are willing to mention it? If so, then read on.

niche influencers

What is a niche influencer?

When people think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is the obvious - high-profile people. While they are influencers in their own right, it's usually hard to get their attention.

Besides, having too large of an audience, which they usually do, most likely means having a generic audience. And generic matters only for volume. Sometimes, this is fine. Especially if traffic and awareness are the only things you are targeting.

Is this true in your particular case? Is non-converting traffic what you want? Or would you rather have less traffic with more conversions? If the answer is yes, you should direct your efforts into finding niche influencers.

Now, who are they you may be asking yourself? Luckily, they are easy to spot. Indeed, they usually don't have a high-profile personality. Also, they are mostly not known outside of their niche. But there is one important distinction. And that distinction is domain-level expertise and authority.

niche influencer explanation

Can you think of a time when you had a problem or a pain point that needed a solution? And the web searches you did to find a solution?

Now, there must've been a variety of authors on the topic. But there also must've been just a few that kept popping out times and time over, didn't they? It is these people who are niche influencers. People who pass under the radar to the general public. But have enormous authority over a specific domain.

Why are niche influencers important to your backlinking strategy?

Remember the complementary vs competitive link-building strategy we discussed previously here? And the link-worthy content you created by following the guide here?

influencer strategy

Niche influencers are the people who write most of the content where your links would fit as complementary. And not just that. They write related content times and times over.

So where do you think a link to your content would be a better fit? And who do you think would be more interested in it? And more likely to link back? And considering the complementary aspect, what links would have the potential to generate conversions even if search engines didn't exist?

If the answer to all the above questions was niche-influencers, then great. I will show you an easy way to create a personalized list of all of them from any niche. In just a few minutes, literally.

Exercise: Creating a personalized niche-influencer list in minutes.

I'm going to show you a step-by-step example of how you can generate such a list. It will require almost no effort from you and it will all be done in minutes.

If you were already following the series of Postbag guides, by now you already created a Postbag outreach list. If not, you can open your FREE Postbag account here and then build your outreach list of the type Influencers as described here.

When you do that, you need to open up the list and click on the "Influencers" section as shown in the figure below.

Influencer list example for the term mortgage advice.

As it is obvious in the image, you are immediately presented with a list of top niche-influencers for your specific search term. But let's add some transparency so you can understand better how they are found.

The list is ordered by Influencer Rank. This is one of the Postbag metrics which indicates how much content this influencer has published that is related to your niche. The bigger the score, the better.

Following that, you will find the actual name of the influential person. And after that, an indication of how many domains they're publishing on, and how many channels of contact information we found for them.

At the right-most part of every list element, you will find a warmup icon looking like a fire flame. If you click on it, you will be presented with a lot more detailed information about that particular influencer. All of that in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can always do that research manually. But did you know that running a niche analysis and building such a list by hand takes an average of 2 weeks? If you have time, it's sometimes good to do things by hand to understand the process. The question is, how much time can you afford to spend?

And by the way congratulations! You've already made a long way. By reaching this point in the Postbag guide, you have learned how to plan your link-building funnel and how to come up with content ideas that will be link-worthy.

You have also learned how to find influencers that matter most in your niche. Also, you now know why they can have the biggest impact on your backlinking strategy.

But would you like to learn how to contact them effectively while maximizing response rates?

If yes, here's food for thought before you receive the next guide in the series: How would you find direct contact information of niche-influencers you identified? And how would you do that without losing too much time?

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Karl has been working for 15+ years on the intersection of big data search technologies, artificial intelligence, and search engine optimization. He has gained international experience by working in 4 countries so far. As a husband and a father-of-3, if there's any time left, he likes to spend it on sports and hiking.

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