How to quickly find influencer contact information that works.

Do you have a list of influencers to contact, but no direct contact information? Do you spend too much time and effort to find it? If so, then read on.

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Reality check: The dreaded response rates.

Have you ever been in a position that you had perfect content? And then you found a perfect webpage where a link back would make perfect sense?

Did you want to contact someone about it, but you just didn't know who? No matter how hard you tried, you were in a situation where you couldn't find the person responsible for that webpage, correct?

You were looking and looking but just couldn't find it. And after lots of time spent you just moved on. How did that feel? Did you feel disappointed because of the lost backlink opportunity?

hard to find

Or maybe, you decided to give it a shot and send your backlink request to one of these generic admin, info, or webmaster email addresses.

But honestly, when you did that, how many responses did you get? A lot less than when you've sent your requests to personal individual email addresses, I presume?

Did that make you think that your content is not worthy or you just can't get the success you were hoping for? I know the feeling...

The importance of content owners.

One of the most important things in link building is communication with real people. But not just any person. You want to reach the ones directly responsible for the content where you want your link placed, aka the content owners.

But, why is this so crucial?

Have you ever been so busy and got an email from an unknown person about something that didn't relate to you in any way? But it was a lot better suited for someone else in your company?

Now answer honestly - How much effort did you put in to bring the message across to them?

Yes, that's exactly what's going to happen with your link request email if you send it to the wrong person or even worse - no person, but a department.

wrong contact information

If you remember from the previous examples in the Postbag guides, you want to provide value with your link. And how do you do that again? By making your link complementary, right?

The thing is - a person not owning the content where you want your link to appear, simply won't see the value in it. They didn't write that content. They are not subject matter experts. They didn't put any effort in. So why would they?

And the most important thing - they will not introduce a stranger to a correct person in their company as there's nothing in it for them. You can't blame them. Would you go through that effort for someone you didn't know?

The rule here is simple. You found a niche-influencer or a content owner where you want your link? And you want to improve your response rates and gain more links? Then you communicate with them directly!

The art of finding correct contact information.

How would you approach this problem? What do you think about how and where you can find the contact information of the person you need?

Sometimes, things are very easy. You will find the author of the content right there on the webpage. Sometimes, the author will be on the page but contact somewhere else on the website. And sometimes, both the author and the contact on a completely different website.

Do you think it can't be any more complex? What about multiple communication channels like emails vs socials? Which one is the best to reach them? Which one they are most active on? Remember, with outreach, you only have one shot before you mess it up.

correct contact information

While sometimes you need to contact people multiple times in a row, the first impression still counts. And it counts a lot.

If you have correct data, answering all these questions is easy. But can you imagine how much work this would take you? To go through every single opportunity in your list, and do manual web surfing to extract the content owners and their contacts? To read the pages? Inspect websites? Visit social networks? Copy it over to a spreadsheet?

If you have the time and will to do it, it can always be done this way. A good learning opportunity indeed. But do you want to do this efficiently in minutes? If yes, I'm going to show you how, step-by-step.

Exercise: Finding correct contact information in minutes.

If you didn't already open a FREE Postbag account during a previous exercise, you can do that here. Following that, you need to build your outreach list of the type Influencers as described here. If you already did that as well, you can use the old one. When you have the outreach list built, you need to open it.

Namely, as the list was being built, Postbag was extracting all the correct owners and their contact information for every backlink opportunity. This was being done with artificial-intelligence-based contact matching models. These deep learning models understand who is the owner of the content, and are also capable of finding their contact information. Not just a single type, but all the contact channels it can find.

The first place where you want to look for this is the Influencers section. Open it and you'll get a screen like below.

Influencer list example for the term mortgage advice.

Next to every influencer, you will see the Warmup column and a little fire icon. When you click this icon, a Warmup dashboard will appear as on the following figure.

Warmup Dashboard example overview.

You will see all the contact information Postbag has found for this person at the very top. From their email up to social networks.

And last but not the least, if you just need an email address from a person and you know how they're called, you can use our email finder as described here. As it's shown on the next figure, you just need to type in their name and domain, and Postbag will do its best to dig up their email for you.

Email Finder modal dialog example.

Now, how much time do you think you saved this way?

To sum it up, today you learned how you can collect relevant contact information for the niche-influencers you identified in previous exercises. But influencers are not the only people you need to promote your content - there are more of them that can help you. Do you want to learn how to find them to expand your reach?

To give you food for thought until I send you the next piece in the series: How would you find non-influential people that can help you gain natural backlinks?

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