How to find link-worthy content ideas.

Do you find it hard to get a backlink from a webpage that's perfectly related to your content? Do you wonder why this seems to be so challenging? If yes, then read on.

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How do you get ideas for your content?

Content ideas are part of your overall outreach strategy. They form a part of the backlinking funnel, as it was described in the previous Postbag guide here.

In particular, your content should be one of the top reasons why someone should link to you. If you want to get natural links, your content will have to blend in with theirs. It needs to provide value to the content owner providing the backlink to you. And to their readers as well, but in a complementary, not competitive way.

content idea breakthrough

Besides, writing content takes time. And do you want to spend your time on something that won't work? If not, then let's examine a way on how to discover link-worthy content ideas.

So what is link-worthy content?

If "good content" is the first thing that comes to your mind, you're close but not there quite yet. But just to avoid any confusion - good is a prerequisite here! If the content is not good, nothing else matters.

But what else do you need to add to the mix? Maybe writing about things that are sought after by a lot of people? If nobody is interested in your content, it doesn't matter how good it is. Nobody will read it.

So we got two parts of the equation so far, but is there anything else that comes to your mind? Anything you would add to the definition?

missing idea breakthrough

Now, imagine you wrote a really good piece of content about a sought-after topic from your niche. Are you sure it's unique enough?

Chances are, whatever you came up with, it's been written by many other content producers as well. And are you sure their similar pieces of content are all worse than yours? And if they're not, what does this mean?

This means competition. And like with everything else competitive, you need to be the best to win. So how can you produce the best content?

The simple answer is to put in enough effort. But what if enough effort equals too much effort? Is there a better way to get topic ideas? The sought-after ones for which "enough effort" is not much effort at all?

The content gaps approach.

Every single niche has topics that are sought-after and not covered in great detail. It doesn't matter how competitive the niche is.

If you could identify such content gaps, how do you think they would help you? Would you have a lot less competition when requesting backlinks? And do you think it would help your content stand out? Of course!

But the biggest benefit of identifying such gaps for your content strategy is that it naturally makes your content complementary, not competitive. If there's not much content like yours, influencers from your niche will want to complement their content by linking to yours.

So to produce something link-worthy, your content needs to be good, sought-after, and scarce. Do you want to learn how to identify such topics for your content?

idea writer

Exercise: Identifying content gaps step-by-step.

If you've already built a Postbag outreach list, you can use that one for this exercise. If not, you can register for a FREE Postbag account here, and then build a personalized list of the type ContentGaps for your niche as described here.

When the list is done building, you want to open it, and then click on the "Ideas" button as you can see in the figure below.

Example of content ideas for the term mortgage advice.

The Ideas section of your personalized Postbag outreach list will reveal content gaps to you instantly. To better understand how it can help you, allow me to give you some transparency into how it is built.

When you enter a search term for your list, Postbag first collects similar phrases that people are actually searching for. Following that, Postbag analyses the web index to identify content saturation for each of search phrases.

This is all presented to you with a metric called saturation score. As you can see in the given example, the Ideas list is sorted by this score ascendingly. A lower score means less content saturation for a given search term. And consequently, less saturation means less competition.

If you produce content on the topics identified here that have a low saturation score, the chances for your content being unique are far greater. And this doesn't go just for uniqueness. Chances of your content being complementary, instead of competitive, are far greater too.

But again, link-worthy content is just one element of an effective backlink building funnel. Having the best, most sought-after, and scarcest content in the world is no guarantee that you'll earn a link at all. If it was, wouldn't your content already be popular after all the effort you put in? So what else is missing?

Here's food for thought before next piece in the series hits your inbox: How would you find the most influential people from the niche where your content belongs?

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