Frequently Asked Questions

How many journalists, bloggers and webmasters Postbag covers?

As Postbag is crawling the web with billions of pages every month, there are millions of journalists, bloggers and webmasters that we can potentially match with you while building your outreach list.

What is an outreach list?

An outreach list is a dynamically-built list of outreach opportunities. This list is built by using artificial intelligence and our web index.

What is an outreach opportunity?

These opportunities are relevant pages well suited for organic promotion of your products and services, matched to people who are their owners with their email addresses.

How many highly relevant direct contacts are found per search on average?

We are able to find over 170 highly relevant direct email contacts per search term on average. In addition, we also uncover hundreds of potential opportunities where direct person owning that content wasn't able to be found with AI. However, we provide you with other tools such as our email finder, so you can leverage those opportunities as well.

What is an email finder?

Our email finder is a tool that given a person name and domain name, finds their direct email address if the same is published on the web.

Do you provide contacts only?

No, we provide a full suite of cloud based software tools which enable you to execute outreach campaigns while reducing execution time significantly.

How exactly Postbag helps me to send personalized emails faster?

Our full suite presents you with outreach opportunities, direct people responsible, their contact infromation and integrated email editor utilizing our proprietary template engine. All of this in combination allows you to send a personalized outreach email in shortest time possible.

What is a Postbag template engine?

Postbag template engine is an engine directly integrated with our web user interface that allows you to quickly personalize an outreach email on the fly, just before you send it.

Is Postbag GDPR compliant?

As an EU-based company, Postbag is fully compliant with GDPR. This is applicable to us as a data controller with you as our customer, and us as a data processor who helps you with your outreach campaigns. To learn more about this and what are our and your obligations under this regulation, you can refer to our GDPR privacy notice.

How can I learn more about Postbag and how to use it?

Postbag has developed comprehensive documentation on how to use it as an effective outreach tool. You can read it here.

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