Processing unmatched opportunities.

When Postbag finds an outreach opportunity, it normally matches it to an owner and their email address. While this is possible in lots of cases and every outreach list has an abundance of direct contacts, somethimes this is not possible for our AI as it may have missed this information for whatever reason. We call such opportunities as unmatched opportunities and mark them with Tier3 labels.

It doesn't mean that these opportunities are any less valuable than Tier1 opportunities. It just means we were not able to automatically find a contact. Therefore, you should not ignore such opportunities as some real gems may be hiding there. In order to do so, you can visit the webpage listed on your outreach list and try to find a person and their contact information yourself. This guide is going to list out some best practices you should follow when searching for people you can contact after you visit an outreach opportunity webpage.

Start with the page.

First place where you should start looking for the owner and their contact infromation is the webpage itself. Are there author bylaws anywhere? Did the author post their name at the beginning or the end of the article? Is there a link to the author page from the page itself?

Expand the search through the site.

Is there a team page somewhere on the site? Maybe about us page? Or a contact us page? Are you able to infer who may own the content based on their position within the company? Or their previous work? Are there emails anywhere on the page? Or, if no emails are present, is there a contact form allowing you to reach that person?

Found the name but not the email.

If you were able to find a person owning that page but are unable to find their email address, our Email Finder can help. You can use it to enter the person name and domain name where that article was written and it will search the web to see did that person published their email address anywhere on the web. If a match is found, it will be presented to you.

Outreach via email.

When you identify the name and email address of the responsible person, you should outreach to them in a regular way via email, just like you do with Tier1 contacts.

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