Understanding the simple Postbag search language.

When you go to the outreach list overview in Postbag, if you want to build a new outreach list of influencers, you need to enter the search term. To help you find influencers more easily, we are going to share best practices for Postbag search in this guide.

The search box.

The search intent.

Postbag is not a traditional search engine but an outreach tool that helps you find influencers. Therefore, the search intent is different than the intent you would have with a traditional search engine.

If you were buying ie. "plastic dog grooming clippers", you would enter exactly that term into the traditional search engine. However, if you were trying to sell them, your search intent would be different.

You wouldn't be interested in finding what you already have, which in this case would be "plastic dog grooming clippers". You would be interested in finding places where you can promote them.

So you would want to enter something like "dog grooming" in postbag, rather than "plastic dog grooming clippers". All the influencers covering this niche would be a good fit for the offerings you're trying to promote.

Special search operators.

Some niches simply have a lot more content than the others. Postbag does a broad search by default and builds your influencer list based on the content it found. However, in underrepresented niches, there may be an overlap of content with similar words but different meanings.

If this happens, Postbag provides you with special search operators that enable you to target your queries with higher precision.

The operator cheatsheet.

If you want to control the content that is considered when building your influencer outreach list, here are a few tricks on how to do that with search operators.

dog grooming
Considers all content with keywords in either title or content.

"dog grooming"
Considers all content with the exact phrase in either title or content.

dog -grooming
Considers all content with dog appearing in either title or content, and grooming NOT appearing in either title or content.

intitle:"dog grooming"
Considers all content with this phrase appearing in the title.

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