Understanding contact tiers.

When you start using your interactive outreach list, you will notice there are different types of Tiers for every outreach opportunity listed. In particular, you will see Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 contact labels. These are important pieces of information which you need to understand fully for the success of your outreach campaigns. As these labels tell you a lot about how contacts were found in particular, let's take a look what each of them means.

Tier1 contacts.

Whenever we find an outreach opportunity online, our AI tries to find direct owner of that particular page to whom you want to reach out. If that person if found, our AI models further try to find an email address of that person, regardless of whether the email is on the actual page, some other page or even some other web site. If all of this is successful, the contact will be marked as Tier1. Whenever you see this label next to the opportunity, you can rest assured that directly responsible person for that page has been found, we have their email or social handles, and you can easily reach out to them directly from within the Postbag web app.

Tier2 contacts.

Sometimes our algorithms are able to find an author responsible for a given piece of content, but are unable to find their contact information. Whenever this happens, an outreach opportunity will be marked as Tier2.

If this happens, you can try finding their contact information manually. Alternatively, you can try using Postbag's email finder to help you with this process.

Tier3 contacts.

If we find an opportunity for which we were not able to find either Tier1 or Tier2 contacts, we will mark that outreach opportunity as Tier3. This doesn't mean that the opportunity has no potential. Quite the contrary, we are consistently seeing very relevant opportunities that are marked as Tier3.

The only thing this means is that our AI was not able to discover a contact owning this page. You can still review this opportunity yourself and try to find an owner manually. When you discover the name of that person, you can use our Email Finder to find their email address more easily and save time.

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