Sending personalized emails.

Knowing who to contact and about what as presented by our interactive outreach list is not everything that Postbag offers. We believe your whole outreach experience shuld be integrated and take as little time possible. That's why Postbag offers integrated email editor which allows you to send emails from your personal email address. All from our interactive outreach list.

Interactive outreach list showing email addresses. (Figure masked for protection of personal data)

As you can see on the figure above, every email address listed is clickable. When you click it, an email editor will appear on your screen. This editor supports custom templates and is pre-filled with contact information to help you send emails faster. This editor is shown on the figure below.

Integrated email editor accessible by clicking any email from the interactive outreach list.

The editor allows you to make final modifications and add a personal touch to the email before you send it. You can edit the subject line and the actual email content. Everything goes out from your private email address which further improves credibility of your outreach campaigns. How to configure Postbag to use your private email will be covered under the Settings section of this documentation.

What's also important with this editor is that it allows you to create an e-mail sequence. As you can see on the image, you can specify the execution time of the e-mail. This is when the e-mail will be sent out.

However, you can also click on the Add follow-up button which will enable you to create a follow up message in the sequence with a later date. When the date comes to send a particular e-mail message from the sequence, Postbag will first check your inbox to verify there were no replies to the previous e-mail and send the new one only if no reply was found. This is to prevent automated e-mails getting sent past the point when the prospect already engaged with your previous e-mail.

The execution time you specify here is not exact. Your e-mails will always be sent within +/- 30 minutes of your specified time.

View replies across all your devices.

After you send an email from Postbag, as it is going out of your own address, all the further correspondence from the people you have reached out to will go through your private email as well. This way Postbag enables you to kickstart a personal conversation via email as fast as possible, while allowing you to use your familiar email clients for all subsequent communication.

Monitoring responses to your sent emails becomes really simple this way. As soon as you utilized Postbag to initiate a conversation, there are no more web user interfaces where you need to go, login and check did anyone reply to your emails. You get replies through your own preferred email client which, by all chances, you already have set up across your devices.

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