Outreach list overview.

When your outreach list is done building, it will be possible to open it as an interactive outreach list. As someone who is doing an outreach, you will be spending most of your time with this part of our app. The idea here is that you get all of your outreach opportunities presented in a clean interface from which you can easily send personalized emails.

How to find valuable content ideas.

We understand that quality link building starts with providing valuable content. Therefore, unlike other link building tools, Postbag provides you with content ideas by analyzing content gaps found online across your target niche.

Content ideas for the term mortgage advice.

As you can see on the figure above, all ideas are sorted by Saturation score. We calculate this number by checking how often a content about this particular idea has been found online. The lowest the score, the better - less saturation means less competing content.

In turn, this means there is a greater chance influencers will link to your content as it's less likely they have seen something similar before. This makes your content potentially more valuable.

How to find most influental people.

The part you'll find most interesting about every Postbag outrech list is the influencer overview. This list lets you know about influencers that have earned highest reputation by providing valuable content to their readers which are your target audience as well.

Influencer list for the term mortgage advice.

This way, you can easily filter out the people who write only occasionally. It provides insight on what authors are most active in your personalized outreach list. These are the people you want to target first.

Next to each influencer listed, you'll find extra pieces of information.

Related Pieces tell you the count of articles written by that we found online. If it's greater than 50, we'll still show 50.

Domain Count will show you number of domains where we found publications by this particular author.

Contact Cardinality will indicate how many different contact channels we found for this author.

How to warm up influencers before cold outreach.

As you probably noticed, every influencer list has a fire icon for every person listed which looks as:

When you click that icon, Postbag will open up a Warmup Dashboard which you can use to build connections before you actually outreach to them. This way, your outreach campaign will have a lot better response rates when compared to simply reaching out to them without a warmup.

Warmup Dashboard Overview.

If you look at the figure above, you will see that the warmup dashboard contains multiple pieces of information you may find useful.

Immediately after the author name, you will see links to their emails and social handles that we were able to find.

Following that, you will see a list of their articles that are part of your personalized outreach list.

After that, you will notice the word cloud which will show you topics that a given author is most interested in.

And last but not the least, you will find a Publication Overview which will provide insight on what domains this author is publishing on.

Armed with that information, warming up the author becomes really easy. But remember, during the warmup phase, you want to build connections, not promote your products.

You can follow them on social networks, make comments on their social activity, make comments on their blog posts. Anything that gets you seen and remembered with them.

However, while doing that, remember to provide true value through your interactions with them, and leave asking anything in return for later when the connection is built.

This way, when you do so, they will be getting a request from a familiar face they've already seen online, as opposed to getting an email from someone they've never talked to before.

Outreach beyond most influential people.

After you warmup and outreach to the most influential people, Postbag's interactive outreach list has a lot more to offer.

Interactive outreach list for the term mortgage advice.

As you can see in the example on the figure above, 72 Tier1 contacts were found. These are outreach opportunities that were found and matched with people who are directly responsible for that content. Including their email addresses.

Drilling down into the list, you can see there were 115 Blog and Web and 10 News opportunities found. These are opportunities that we found in the news sources, blogosphere and the internet. While 72 of them have direct owners matched and ready for you to contact, owners of the rest could not be found by Postbag AI. However, you can still process them manually with the help of our Email Finder which we will describe in further documentation.

In addition to processing of web sources, Postbag is also subscribed to Twitter feed where we monitor requests made by journalists requesting story sources. In this particular example, you can see that the outreach list has found 2 Requests from journalists. You can act on this information and use it as an opportunity to end up in the press.

Each an every opportunity is linked directly to an URL which you can visit and decide how do you want to approach the owner of that page for pitching your products or services. As you are reviewing the potential to promote you offerings on a given URL, keep in mind you have best chances of getting an organic backlink if you suggest something meaningful, merit based, helpful and within the context to the owner of the page. Something that would genuinely help their readers.

It is important that when you do contact someone about your offerings, you keep high level personalization at all times. Never send generic messages to people. These never work well. Always take time to review the opportunity, the person matched and suggest only what makes sense as part of your outreach campaigns.

Also, there is one important metric for each opportunity that you should consider. Its name is SiteAuthority and is represented by a number between 0 and 100. This metric takes into consideration all the backlinks to the given domain that were found online and calculates the score so you can know the domain authority. It is similar to PageRank so getting a link from a page with higher SiteAuthority will be more impactful.

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