Marking processed opportunities.

As you are doing your outreach and your campaign is getting executed, you keep contacting more and more people. As you do that, you get some responses, some people link to you and things look great. However, with you drilling down the micro-niches relevant to your topic further and further, eventually using multiple Postbag searches and interactive outreach list, you need to have a way to know who exactly you contacted in relation to what.

This ensures you don't outreach to the same people in regards to the same outreach opportunities multiple times. To make this tracking easier for you, Postbag allows you to mark outreach opportunities you already processed from within the interactive outreach list itself.

This guide is going to teach you how you can do exactly that. It will also help you to better understand how marking an opportunity within a single interactive list lets you know that opportunity has been processed from within any other list you may be working on.

The tier column.

By this point, you already know how to create and use your interactive outreach list as it was described in previous guides of this documentation. You are already familiar with the Tier column which indicates a contact tier as described in our Understanding contact tiers section.

What you didn't know is that the Tier tag is clickable from within the interactive outreach list. When you click it, the actual tier label will be replaced with the Done label.

Processed opportunities marked as Done.

With this approach, you are able to actually mark an opportunity as being processed. Any time you open this list, this Done mark will show next to an opportunity so you know you already processed this particular person and content so you don't have to do anything about it further.

Multiple outreach lists.

When you mark an opportunity as Done, this doesn't happen on a list level, but rather on an account level. What this means is that whenever an opportunity is marked as Done, you will see it as such not just from within your current interactive outreach list where you marked it, but whenever and if that exact opportunity appears in any other outreach list in your account. This is to ensure you have a clear understanding of who you reached out to, regardless of where you are in the Postbag app.

Multiple devices.

We use a mixture of cloud services and local storage within your browser to store such information. The cloud part is to ensure secure storage and accesibility across devices, while we're using the local storage mirror for performance reasons. Because of this, if you login to your Postbag account on some other device, the opportunities your marked as Done won't immediately be shown as Done.

To have them shown, you will have to synchronize processed opportunities the first time you login to the new device. This is a very easy process taking a couple of seconds and you can see details about how to do that under the Settings section of this documentation.

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