Email finder introduction.

As you are executing your outreach, you realize that nothing comes even close to response rates of sending emails to people directly. You want to communicate with real people, not departments or task groups. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, fnding people is sometimes easier than finding their contact information. That's why we designed our Email Finder and are shippping it as a core part of Postbag with all accounts.

In particular, what this application does is it helps you find a personal email address of a person working within a domain, provided you know that person's name and a domain. When this is entered, a direct email will be found if that person published their email address anywhere on the web. This can be really helpful and save you time from browsing multiple website if you already know what person to contact.

Given that Email Finder is a core Postbag feature, this tutorial is going to teach you how to utilize this functionality.

Accessing email finder.

When you login to your Postbag account, amongst the buttons present in the top-right navigation, you will see one looking like this:

Clicking on that button will open a modal dialog which allows you to search for emails. To learn how do to so, let's look at how Email Finder looks like on the figure below.

Email Finder modal dialog.

Email finder contains two input fields, as it is shown on the image. In the first one, you need to enter the name of the person you are looking for. This can be just the first name, just the last name or both. Bear in mind though, entering full name increases your chances of finding an email when compared to entering just first or last name of the person.

The second field expects a domain name to be entered. This is the ending domain of an email. For example, if you want to contact John Doe about the article on, you want to enter as the domain name in the email finder.

When you enter such information and click the Find now button, our backend will search the web to see is there a qualifying email for that person. This process usually takes couple of seconds.

If the email is found, you will get a confirmation as shown on the image below.

Email found by Email Finder.

As this example has shown, email of the person we're looking for was found and you can see it in a green tag. When you click on it, it will open the Postbag email editor so you can send them an email right there and then.

If the person was not found, but we found other people from the same domain who have personal email addresses and not generic ones, we will show you these as alternatives. Eveery alternative email listed is clickable and opens up the Postbag email editor as well.

Email alternatives found by Email Finder.

If neither direct personal email or any alternatives were found, you will get an appropriate message informing you that nothing has been found.

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