Continuous outreach with monthly web crawls.

You may have used Postbag successfully by now to gain exposure for your products and services. You may have executed your outreach campaign perfectly. By now, you may be covered by most important media outlets and topical authority websites.

However, the web is constantly evolving. New pages are added daily and chances are, that just a month later from when you finished your outreach campaign, a lot of new content has been created that would be well suited for organic promotion of your products and services as well.

Postbag helps you stay on top of such newly created outreach opportunities by constantly crawling the web. We release a new index monthly which gets generated from the most recent web crawl. When we publish new index versions, we will notify you by email every time. It is at this time that you can build a new outreach list with same niche keyword as the outreach list that you built in the previous month. When the new outreach list is built, it will have many of the pages identical to the previous month's outreach list. However, it will also contain all the newest outreach opportunities that have been created since. These new oportunities are easily distinguishable as all the opportunities that you already processed in previous months will be marked as Done as it is described under our Marking processed opportunities subsection.

New contact opportunities in an illustration.

Creating up-to-date outreach lists.

Continuous outreach is made really easy with Postbag as, with our monthly index refreshes, you don't have to constantly be searching the web. Postbag does that for you. And you are immediatelly presented with new outreach opportunities, owners of the content, and their email addresses.

To build a new up-to-date outreach list, whenever you receive an email from Postbag notifying you of new index version being published, you need to login to your Postbag account and build a completely new list as described in Building your outreach list subsection. When you do so, you need to ensure that the niche keyword that you use is exactly the same as the one you used with the outreach list you built in the previous month. Following that, you can use our email editor and template engine to effectively contact owners of these newly discovered outreach opportunity pages to increase your product exposure and build awareness about your service or content.

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