Building your outreach list.

Whatever it is you're trying to promote, success of your outreach campaigns largely depends on identifying the right people and how personally you reach out to them. However, finding these people is usually harder than it seems. In any case, before you even start pitching your products or services, you want to have a list of targeted people and their contact information so you can execute your campaigns.

Usually, building this type of list was a tedious process where people would need to manually search the web, build a list of potential web pages where they could pitch their products, and then set off into finding people responsible for these web pages and their email addresses if possible. Only when this list was built, they would be ready for starting their outreach email campaign. This process traditionally required a diverse set of tools and was highly manual, costing organizations and individuals lots of time and resources. As Postbag completely automates this process with our AI technology, this guide is going to show you how you can build your personalized outreach list in minutes. All including highly targeted web pages with outreach potential, their respective owners and their email addresses.

  The search.

It all begins with the search. All that Postbag asks from you is to enter a search phrase that best describes the niche targeted by your offerings. You can think in terms like dog grooming, mortgage advice and snowboarding for example.

When you enter your search term and start building your list, our AI backend will search through our web index to find highly resourceful pages where it would make sense to pitch your products or services in an organic way. Think about a page reviewing mortgage related services. If you were offering mortage advice profesionally and had a really unique spin to it, it would really make sense for you to reach out to the owner of that page. You could connect on a personal level with them by making comments on their publications in regards to mortgages which would identify how these content helps their readers, and suggest how your product could help them additionally. If your service really deserves the attention, chances are they will include it on their page which builds out awareness about your offering in an organic way.

Of course, to help you with this, Postbag will not only find such pages for you, but their respective owners and their emails as well. This way, you can really concentrate on promoting whatever it is you have, instead of spending time finding where to actually promote it.

Executing the search.

When you login to the Postbag backend interface, you will immediatelly be presented with the outreach list view. If you are somewhere else within our backend app, you can always access it by pressing the outreach list button which looks like:

When in the outreach list view, you will see a search box that looks like on the image below.

The search box.

This is exactly where you need to enter your search term and click Build now which will start the process of building your list.

Waiting for the list building to finish.

As Postbag searches through the whole web index and does some really complex AI calculations, this process can take up to 10 minutes. While it is running, your outreach list interface will look like on the image below.

Search running.

As you can see, there is a green Running tag showing up under the Status for your search. You can always click on the Refresh search history link immediately under the search box. This will refresh your search status.

Opening the outreach list

When you refresh your searches, you are waiting for your Status to go from Running to Finished.

When that happens, an Open link will appear next to the Status tag. You need to click this to actually open your interactive outreach list. The Open link looks like on the image below.

Search finished.

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