Welcome to Postbag documentation.

Thank you for using Postbag for your outreach campaigns. We understand that you're super busy and the last thing you need is another overly complex piece of text you need to understand. That's why we organized this documentation in an easy to follow, practical way without any overwhelming technical terms. After reading this documentation, you will have a complete skillset required to run effective outreach campaigns with Postbag while saving tons of time.

If you look at the navigation index of these docs, you will notice all the guides are organized in 5 easy to follow sections, so let's take a look into what you can find under each.

  The outreach.

Outreach is all about finding the right people and making personal contact. This section covers how to build your personalized outreach list and how to understand types of contacts that are revealed to you. And last but not the least, how to use Postbag to send personalized emails with lightning speeds from within our web app.

  Template engine.

There's nothing more appealing than a nicely crafted personalized email. However, when doing the outreach of any kind, you'll notice that even the most personalized emails have pieces that are repeating over and over. In this section, we will teach you how to use the Postbag template engine to create outreach templates which will allow you to send personalized emails while saving you tons of time.

  Email finder.

Getting pre-built personalized outreach lists with our AI technology is great. However, sometimes simple is all you need. There will be numerous occasions when you'll just want to find a direct person's email address. Our email fnder allows you to do exactly that if such email has been published anywhere on the web. This section will cover how to use this feature.

  Continuous outreach.

You can never outreach enough. Even if you did a perfect campaign last time around, that was then and this is now. The internet changes all the time and new prospects relevant to your niche will always keep appearing. In order to help you do your promotion continuously as opposed to getting it done only once, we will use this section to teach you how to use our service to uncover relevant contacts and opportunities on a monthly basis.


Every app in this world has settings. Ours does as well, yaay! We know it's boring but we still need to guide you through this so you know what's what. In any case, all the guides under this section are going to teach you how to use our settings interface.

What to do next?

We hope this gives you enough of an overview about the structure of our documentation and a better idea on where to find what. You can find described documentation sections and their respective guides below each in our left hand navigation. Or below this article, depending on your screen size really :) We're sure you'll figure it out!

In any case, if there's still something that's unclear to you or have questions not covered in this documentation, you can always shoot us an email.

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