Ways to promote a product: The most impactful product promotion strategy.

You've had this great idea to change the world, and you've spent significant time developing it. It is this time in any business venture when you start looking into how to promote your product. This article is going to show you how to implement the most impactful product promotion strategy.

product promotion

Ways to promote a product.

There are multiple ways to promote a product. While one of the most popular ones is advertising, this approach usually requires a lot of capital, expertise, and competition.

Unless you are one of the Fortune 500 companies, your startup is probably strapped for cash and is looking to promote a product you just launched more effectively.

product promotion possibilities

Luckily, there is a way that costs a lot less than traditional advertising.

While this approach takes time, the good thing about it is that it provides long term results. And when I say long term, I mean the really long term in a way that when it starts giving results, you keep getting new leads for a long time to come. For free. Without a dime spent on advertising.

All you need to do to implement such a product promotion strategy is time, effort, and little creativity.

So let's dive into exactly what needs to be done to get this ball rolling.

Promoting products through inbound marketing.

So how can you get your product in front of people that care, without having to spend on advertising?

Meet inbound marketing. It's a technique where you attract customers by providing value instead of purchasing ads.

The whole idea is simple. Take your product and look at it. But look at it from your prospective users' perspective, not through your own.

Don't think about your product in a self-bragging way. Rather look at what pain points your product solves for your customers.

When you identify these pain points, you'll get the idea of what your prospective users may be searching for on the internet while they try to address these issues that they're hitting.

In doing so, you'll come with a long list of search terms that users are searching for and where your product would be a perfect solution.

For each one of these, try to write an article. But while putting your content together, you must ensure that you provide value.

product promotion value

Provide a solution to their problem. But don't self-center about your product. Give them advice, data, research statistics, and valuable tips. But never make it about your product. Make it a real help for your customers. Only mention your product and how it solves their problem in the context were extremely relevant.

And never make it the only option. If you start claiming your product is the best one or the only one, you lose credibility. And people stop trusting you.

List multiple options. And then say what way your product helps when compared to the others. Point out the real value that your product provides relative to their pain point you initially identified. It can be through saved time, saved money, or many other values your prospective clients may care about.

When you implement such a product promotion strategy yes, it will take time for visitors to start coming. And yes, it will take a lot of effort to write it all down. And publish it.

But when they do come, you'll start appearing all over the place for whatever they're searching for. And that will help you come across as an authority in the niche.

And not just authority, but a helpful and friendly face that provided them with loads of valuable tips, advice, and content for free already. So when the time comes for them to need your product, they'll have a hard time thinking about anyone else but your company.

Is it just the content value?

Plain and simple - no. There's a lot more. Unless you have a high traffic site where you publish the content, you need to bring this content in front of your audience to promote your product. Because, even if it's the best content in the world, it doesn't matter if no one knows about it. But how can you do that?

product promotion content

The reality is, no matter what you made and what you sell, other people on the internet care about the same thing. And not just in the consumer type of way, but rather in an expert sort of way.

They cover similar topics in the newspapers, blogs, social networks, and many other channels. While doing so, they've already built a loyal readership that is your target audience as well.

Now if your content is not promotional, but helpful and full of free value for your customers, it will be also helpful to their readership. And if that's truly the case, these influencers would have no objections in sharing your content with their readership.

Remember, by doing so, they're not promoting your product, but sharing helpful content of yours with their readers. And their readers come to your site. You become more popular as an organization, and their readers become your readers as well now.

And the ultimate reward comes after a while because, if your content is really helpful and valuable, it will build organic backlinks to your content over time. And this in turn will help you improve search engine rankings, which will eventually send even more targeted traffic to your content.

Product promotion strategy through example.

As always, it's all easier said than done. The devil is in the details - especially around the part on how and where to find influential people from within your niche to whom you can promote your content. But remember, valuable content - not your product.

To help you better understand the product promotion strategy, we're going to use an example.

product promotion education

Now, imagine you were a lending broker offering all kinds of loans to your customers. What kind of value you could offer to your audience? Think about that for a second. What are they researching online before they decide what loan they're going to take out?

Think about articles guiding them on different types of car loans - leases through ownership loans. How about a guide on what to look out for when doing a renovation and taking out a loan? Or what about mortgages and tips and tricks on what to watch out for when getting one?

For the purposes of this guide, let's take the latter one into consideration. You can write a guide on where to look for mortgage advice. What kind of organizations ou can reach out to? What are the common pitfalls that consumers don't consider? How to save money through switching lenders?

These are all things that your prospective customers would be looking for throughout their research phase. And when they would see your content over and over, addressing their different concers, you would come across as authority and expert in that niche.

People would trust you and would eventually check the part of your website that is designed for monetization - leading them to convert.

But this just covers the content production part. What about the content promotion piece of the equation?

With that, rules are incredibly simple. You want a list of people that have most content on the web that falls under your target niche. When you have that list, you outreach to them, building connections, warming them up, and then eventually suggesting a pice of your content for their readers.

But remember, from a perspective that would help their readers through value, not from a perspective that would promote your product in the form of a sales pitch.

But how to find these people?

Well, there are multiple ways. You can always manually, browse the internet, build your list in a spreadsheet, and then further search for their contact information, their interests and much more that would help you.

However, this is a very time consuming process. Building such a list that is highly targeted and aims for only real people takes a week to build properly. And given that you want to promote every piece of helpful and valuable content you publish, as part of your product promotion strategy, you would need to build many such lists over and over again.

Ultimately, this would take a lot of time from you which you could better spend on producing valuable content for your audience.

An alternative to this approach would be to use Postbag. With Postbag's outreach tool, you just enter a term describing your niche, and our AI crawls the web, finds influencers, their publications, and build a list of all the infuential people from your niche that it found on the internet.

Additionally, it also extracts their direct contact information, and provides you with a Warmup Dashboard for exach influencer - a tool that helps you warm up your cold contacts before you send your cold emails.

The completely personalized outreach list built by Postbag AI looks like on the image below.

Influencer list for the term mortgage advice.

When you have such a targeted list, you can use Postbag's email template engine to execute your outreach campaign. Just keep in mind the main rule - value and helpfulness. Give without expecting to get. Build authority, build value, and the sales will come.

By: Karl S.
September 28th, 2020

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