How we got 800 users within 48 hours of launch.

We worked on Postbag for the last two years and we planned the launch of our beta for June 15th, 2020.

2 day traffic for Postbag on our launch.

We had moderate expectations and honestly, our goal was to get 100 beta users to sign up within a week. We've sent out some pitches and ensured we get published on BetaList for the launch date.

When the day started it all went viral. We got hunted on ProductHunt and have been in between #1 and #3 all day long. We received lots of traffic and our original goal was reached at the beginning of the day. We ended up as #3 Product of the Day.

Postbag - Find journalists, bloggers and webmasters for your startup | Product Hunt Embed

Someone also posted about us on Show HN. That produced even more traffic to our website for the second day than we got in the first day. The signups just continued and after 48hrs, we have over 800 people who created an account.

Postbag user database count 48 hrs after launch.

Our users not just signed up, but actively started using Postbag which produced significant load on our backends. Because of this, there were some errors happening for roughly 7% of people. We are looking into the issues and will let you know when they're fixed.

Launch day in numbers.

We had over 4000 visitors on our site. What's more important is that of 800 users, 649 have actively used Postbag over the last two days, returning multiple times to the site, building multiple outreach lists, and using it as intended.

Returning users logging into Postbag.

We got some compliments on the interface and some suggestions for the better flow and UX. We took these into account and will provide fixes for our GA launch. Lots of users interacted with us via email and thank you all for using Postbag and all your suggestions.

Concurrent searches running over two day launch period.

Throughout this 2 day period, we had up to 25 searches concurrently at the same time. Concurrent executions and returning visits tell us our users are returning and using the app. The support that our users have shown towards our beta launch was amazing.

Making Postbag generally available.

We've been working hard to resolve all the issues with the app that were uncovered during the beta phase and we relased Postbag to the general public on June 23rd 2020. In addition, as there was a lot of interest during our beta for paid subscriptions, we enabled paid plans with our public version. However, we still kept our freemium plan so you can try Postbag out without paying for anything.

Thank you all for the amazing support!

By: Karl S.
June 25th, 2020

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