Niche edits take a lot of your time, don't they?

Execute link building outreach with a niche edit platform that helps you create sought-after content, find influential people, and request backlinks effectively.

Build backlinks continuously

Billions of pages are monitored for new content so you can find quality backlink outreach opportunities automatically.

Connect with influencers

Get to know influencers that are leaders in your niche, build relationships with them, and then build backlinks.

FREE outreach tools

Use interactive link building lists and integrated email sequence UI to execute backlink requests effectively.

Seamless execution of outreach campaigns.

Identify content gaps in your niche. Reach out to people willing to write about your offering. Direct contact via email with a touch of personalization. Easily build awareness about your offerings through coverage by experts and influencers from within your specific niche.


The search.

You enter a phrase best describing your niche, and our AI bot will search through our web index. It will find news publications, websites and blogs where journalists, bloggers and webmasters are already writing about products and services most similar to yours.


Content ideas.

You get a list of ideas that are based on content gaps and user searches within your niche. Providing value for backlink building becomes easy with these insights as you can leverage it to create sought-after content that is missing from your industry vertical.


Influencer lists.

Postbag's AI models analyze the content found on the internet to find most influential people amongst all the authors found. This way, you know where exactly to promote your offerings while keeping the expectation of the highest impact for your reach-out efforts.


Outreach lists.

Get AI-curated niche edit outreach lists with direct human owner discovery including their contact info. Includes 10 different workflows from blogs and resource pages, up to roundups and journalist requests. All presented to you as an interactive list.


Contact warmups.

You get a warmup dashboard for every influencer found. You can see an overview of all their publications, social handles, contact information and interests. Use this to warmup your cold contacts before your reach out for greater response rates.


Personalized emails.

You can send fully personalized email messages in a matter of seconds. Our email editor is integrated and easily invoked directly from within the interactive outreach list. Postbag template engine allows you to minimize time-to-send while preserving human touch.


Email sequences.

Your outreach campaigns have a much higher chance of response if you follow-up with your initial request. Schedule e-mail sequences with a click of a button and let Postbag do the heavy lifting with monitoring responses and sending targeted e-mails at specified times.


Domain authority.

Stop wasting your time requesting backlinks from sites that make no difference. Use our SiteAuthority metric to find out what sites have best backlink profile. Leverage this to prioritize your outreach efforts based on authority of backlink opportunities.

Discover new backlink opportunities automatically.

The web constantly grows and new content is published continuously. New outreach opportunities are opening all the time. Stay on top of your competition by using Postbag to discover newly created opportunities suited for organic backlink building to your offerings. Each and every month.

Monthly web crawls.

Our web spiders will constantly crawl the internet discovering new high quality content for your outreach campaigns. Postbag web search index is refreshed monthly.

New contacts.

When a new organic backlink opportunity is discovered, our AI models also discover owners of that content so you can contact them directly from our platform.

Continuous outreach.

Combine this information with Postbag's integrated email template engine to do backlink outreach monthly, in just the fraction of the time normally required.

Join 1000+ of happy customers already using Postbag.

As a veteran journalist and blogger myself for over 20 years, I think this kind of tool is extremely valuable in getting the right message across where it's needed, so thanks for the work!

Nigel P.

Blogger & Journalist

I recently started using Postbag and I love it! Makes outreach so much faster and efficient!

Izzy W.


My company is launching our Kickstarter in a little bit over a month from now, so this tool saved us honestly 20 hours of digging!

George P.


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Selection of our features.

All the nice things you get with Postbag to help you with your backlink outreach campaigns.

Direct contacts.

Personalized outreach lists.

Email finder.

Template engine.

Email sequences.

Continuous outreach.

Influencer discovery.

Warmup cold contacts.

Content ideas.

Future of personalized niche edits and backlink outreach.

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