Find journalists, bloggers and webmasters covering your niche.

Direct outreach to most relevant people from across the web. Contacts matched by AI for pitching new products, websites and content.

Covers the web.

We crawl and index billions of pages to find related outreach opportunities for your content on a web scale.

Contact with AI.

Our contact matching works with amazing accuracy of finding relevant people due to Postbag's AI models.

Optimized time-to-send.

Postbag's outreach UI has been specially designed to minimize the time required to send personalized emails.

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Seamless execution of targeted outreach campaigns.

Reach out to people willing to write about your product or content. Direct contact via email with a touch of personalization with our service. Easily build awareness about your offerings with larger audiences through coverage by experts and influencers from within your specific niche.


The search.

You enter a phrase best describing your niche, and our AI bot will search through our web index. It will find news publications, websites and blogs where journalists, bloggers and webmasters are already writing about products and services most similar to yours.


Outreach list.

In addition to finding online content where it would make sense to promote your products or services organically, our AI algorithms also find direct owners and their email addresses from various web sources. All presented to you as an interactive outreach list.


Personalized emails.

You can send fully personalized email messages in a matter of seconds. Our email editor is integrated and easily invoked directly from within the interactive outreach list. Postbag template engine allows you to minimize time-to-send while preserving human touch.

Discover new outreach opportunities monthly.

The web constantly grows and new content is published continuously. New outreach opportunities are opening all the time. Stay on top of your competition by using Postbag to discover newly created content suited for organic promotion of your products and services. Each and every month.

Monthly web crawls.

Our web spiders constantly crawl the internet discovering new high quality content for your outreach campaigns. Postbag web search index is refreshed monthly.

New contacts.

When new content is discovered that is well suited for your organic promotion, our AI models also discover people owning that content and their email addresses.

Continuous outreach.

Use this information with our web UI and email template engine to easily do continuous outreach of your offerings every month. Exactly where you left off.

Selection of our features.

All the nice things you get with Postbag to help you with your outreach campaigns.

Direct contacts.

Personalized outreach lists.

Email finder.

Template engine.

Integrated emailing.

Continuous outreach.

Future of personalized outreach.

Web scale, cloud based and personalized. Postbag is revolutionizing merit based outreach, awareness building and content promotion.

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